This section details some of the learning around our powerboat courses, from beginner level to advanced. Check out each level as the learning sections become available…

Course Information…

Information on these practical courses can be viewed by following the links below

Training Videos and Resources…

Powerboat Instructor Jeff Fahy leads this section. He goes through some of the teaching delivered on the National Powerboat Certificate course.


Download our buoyage guide for powerboaters operating in daylight hours.

IRPCS – Rules of the Road…

Download our IRPCS guide for recreational powerboaters here…

Day Shapes…

Download our guide to common Day Shapes powerboaters need to know.


Download our introduction to tides.

Preparation for a Powerboat Trip…

Here’s a few things you should consider before heading away from base in a powerboat.

Want to put this into practise?

Why not join us for the National Powerboat Certificate Course. Once you’ve the practical course out of the way, you can charter on our our 40hp RIBs from Dún Laoghaire, Learn More.

We’re bringing a number of online resources together including some in-house videos, tips and hints.

Engine Care

Fuel System

Here’s a great introduction to simple things you can do to look after your engine well. We have nearly 100 engines running between the school and our commercial workboats. Fuel issues are the number 1 cause of downtime. Here you can see what you can do to cut out what we’d find are the most common engine related challenges a boater will come across.

While these are Yamaha engines featured here, fuel system care is common across all outboards. In fact our sister company Irish National Marine Services supply Selva Marine Outboards. Most 4-stroke Selvas are indeed re-badged Yamaha engines as Yamaha is the major owner of Selva.

Routine and Periodic Checks

Here’s some simple checks you can carry out yourself. These are particularly recommended if you’re taking the boat out of the water for winter.

More topics to come soon!

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