A guide to ICC – License to Boat Abroad

What is the ICC?
The ICC, commonly known as the International Certificate of Competency, but to give it its full name the International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft, is a certificate that is designed to prove competency when boating abroad.

It is issued under the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Inland Transport Committee Working Party on Inland Water Transport Resolution 40. It is up to each country on whether to accept the ICC or not. We strongly advise checking on the local rules yourself, the onus is on the ICC holder to determine its acceptance by foreign states. While its commonly referred to as the licence to boat abroad, it does vary from country to country.

Chartering a Yacht or Powerboat with an ICC?
While many charter companies in Europe accept the ICC as proof of competency, it is vitally important that the person chartering the yacht confirms this prior to agreeing to the charter. It’s rare enough that it is not accepted. However, anyone going to sea is expected to undertake proper planning and checking the paperwork is in order, is part of this.

How do I get an ICC?
ICC’s are issued in Ireland by Irish Sailing on behalf of the Irish Government. To be eligible for an ICC, persons must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Hold an accepted certificate of competency, on powerboats – a National Powerboat Certificate,  and on yachts – an ISA Day Skipper Certificate, or complete an ICC assessment at a recognised training centre.
  • Be aged 16 years or older.
  • Demonstrate that they are physically and mentally fit to operate a pleasure craft.
  • Be an Irish National, or resident in Ireland.

You can download an application form for the ICC from Irish Sailing’s website here.

Training to ICC standard
We offer training to the standard expected of the ICC for both sail and motor. For sailing,  we offer Day Skipper courses at the end of which, assuming you meet the standard, we’ll issue you with the paperwork to apply for the ICC. For Motor, the ISA National Powerboat Certificate (Powerboat Level 2) is sufficient to qualify for the ICC Motor.

Can I undertake a direct assessment?
Yes, you can. If successful we will issue you with the ICC paperwork that is then submitted to Irish Sailing to apply for the ICC. The details on our Direct Assessments are here:

What does the ICC cost and how long is it valid for?
Irish Sailing charge €106 to process an ICC application if you are not an ISA member. Members receive a discounted rate of €60. They usually take “approximately 3 weeks to administer and issue an ICC. However, for an additional fee, there is an expedited service which takes 5 days.” This fee is €166.

The ICC is valid for 5 years, after which you will need to re-apply to have it renewed.

More details on how to apply for the ICC can be found on Irish Sailing’s website.

Boating Inland and CEVNI Test
All ICC applicants requiring the Inland Category validated on their  certificate, must pass the ICC CEVNI test.

Got any questions? Please get in touch
We are happy to offer advice and help through this process. Get in touch on 01 2844195, by emailing sailing@inss.ie or message us here.

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