Our Fleet

The Irish National Sailing School has a fleet of seven 26ft 1720 Sportsyachts, large high speed Powerboats and three comfortable Yachts.

The stability of the boat coupled with its versatility, comfort, speed and safety give us an exhilarating vehicle for our Outings. Capable of speeds up to 20 knots and relatively easy to sail, Dalkey Island, Howth, Clontarf and Bray are well within our reach!

The 1720 Sportsyacht is designed to be a safe and exciting keelboat. The 1720 Sportsyacht can comfortably accommodate 5 students and the Instructor/Skipper. The 1720 Sportsyacht is easy to manage and cannot capsize. In fact our fleet of 1720 Sportsyachts have internal buoyancy tanks fitted so can’t sink either!

Designed by Tony Castro at the instruction of a group of committed racing members of the Royal Cork Yacht Club, which was founded in 1720, hence the origin of the boats name. 1720s are capable of achieving speeds in excess of 20 knots, while, at the same time provides the basis for a stable, controlled, close racing, one design class.

The 1720s are an excellent vessel for our popular and well receivedSail Cruise and Racing Event, as well as our Company Regatta Events.

Rash, the flagship of our fleet is a 8.5 metre boat built by Stingray Marine in South Africa to our exacting specifications. Including features such as a fully equipped Garmin electronics package, 13 person life raft, stainless steel keel strip, 13 demountable jockey seats and twin Suzki 200hp outboard motors. Rash is certainly one of the highest specification RIBs in Dun Laoghaire and is fully licensed to P3 and P6 standards by the Department of the Marine. Rash is capable of speeds over 50 knots.

Sting, is a 6.5 metre boat built by Stingray Marine in South Africa.  Sting was built from new to the exact specifications of the Irish National Powerboat School, she is fully licensed to P3 and P6 standards as required by the Irish Department of the Marine.  Fully equipped with a Garmin electronics package and a Suzuki 175hp outboard motor, Sting is capable of speeds of up to 42knots.

Beaufort Venture a 36ft Elan, Lulla Belle a 36ft Benateau and Jedi, a J109 are all equipped to and certified by the Irish Department of the Marine. We use these vessels on our gentle cruises around Dublin Bay, taking in the sights of the beautiful Dalkey Coastline and Dalkey Island itself before entering the spectacular Killiney Bay with a unique view of the exquisite Sorrento Terrace from the Sea. More relaxed than the 1720, the yachts are ideal for those looking for an event where team members can unwind all while learning the skills of sailing under the guidance of an experienced skipper.

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