College Sailing

Our College sailing programmes are tailored to each institution’s needs. We understand that coaching beginners who have recently joined the college or universities sailing club can be time consuming and can be difficult to schedule time on your own boats. At the Irish National Sailing School we aim to make the process as convenient, affordable and enjoyable as possible. We have a wide range of programmes available to teach both beginner and advanced sailing skills and are happy to tailor each programme to suit each clubs requirements.

Beginner Dinghy Programme:

Learning the art of dinghy sailing combines a challenge with exhilaration and the wow-factor with pushing your natural limits and boundaries. This is an excellent course designed for those who don’t mind getting down and dirty. Students will definitely end up capsizing and getting wet but the physical toll versus the feeling of mastering the art of learning how to competently sail your own boat is simply incomparable! Please contact our team by email for more information.

Beginner Yacht Programme:

Want to give your new members a thrill they’ll never forget – Well here’s your chance to whet their appetite aboard our fantastic fleet of Sportyachts. This is yacht sailing Dublin Bay style at a price that won’t hurt the pocket. Our playground for the course is Dublin Bay – Dalkey, Howth, Clontarf and Sutton are all well within reach, and the sightseeing is simply unparalleled! So what are you waiting for? Please contact our team by email for more information.

Advanced Coaching Programmes:

We are delighted to assist in coaching for all levels of college and universities sailing. While our main focus is introducing beginners to the water we also offer tailored coaching for advanced levels and race training. All advanced programmes are run under the direct supervision of our chief instructor, Kenneth Rumball. Each programme is unique – we design a programme to suit your club’s exact needs.