Lula Belle

Lula Belle is a Beneteau First 36.7 and works on Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Programmes.

The 1720 Sportsyacht

The 1720 Sportsyacht is designed to be a safe and exciting keelboat. The 1720 can comfortably accommodate 5 students and the Instructor/Skipper, is easy to manage and cannot capsize. In fact our fleet of seven 1720 Sportsyacht’s have internal buoyancy tanks. The original idea was conceived by a group of committed racing members of the Royal Cork Yacht Club, which was founded in 1720, hence the origin of the boats name. Our fleet of 1720s number 6 boats.

Beaufort Venture

Beaufort Venture is an Elan 36 and is the mainstay of our Competent Crew and Day Skipper training.

Sting – 6.5m 115hp

Sting is a 6.5m boat powered by a 115hp Selva Marine Outboard. Sting is used for powerboat teaching.

Wasp – 7.5m 150hp

Wasp is regularly seen in action on Intermediate and Advanced Powerboat Courses, as well as RIB Trips of Dublin Bay. She’s powered by a 150hp Selva Marine Engine.

Rash – 9m Twin 200hp

Driven by two 200hp Suzuki engines Rash is regularly in action on Advanced Powerboat Courses and RIB Tours and Transfers.

Smaller RIBs

We’ve a wide range of smaller powerboats and RIBs making up our powerboat fleet of over 30 boats.

Optimist Dinghy

The Optimist was designed in 1947 and later modified to its current form. The Optimist is safe, easy and fun to sail. Our 7-10 years group make use of this boat. Its plastic hull makes it the ideal boat to introduce youngsters to the joys of sailing. Our fleet of Optimists consists of over 50 boats which are stored in the Coal Harbour on pontoons where the 7-10 years group sail from. This removes the need for the younger children to pull boats up and down slipway.

Topper Dinghy

The Topper serves as our beginner workhorse on our 11-14 years groups. They’re versatile and easy to manage, the ideal boat for this age group to take to the water for the first time in.

RS Feva

The RS Feva is used by our 11-14 years advanced sailors. Launching from the coal harbour within the walls of Dun Laoghaire harbour the Feva allows for spinnaker and race training along with developing boat handling and seamanship skills.

RS Zest

The RS Zest is used by our 15-17 year old sailors on weekly courses as well as our beginner adult dinghy programmes.

RS Quest

The RS Quest is a stable and easy to control dinghy used on our 15-17 years sections as well as more advanced adult dinghy courses.

Topper Dinghy

The Topper was designed by Ian Proctor in 1977. The Topper was originally designed to be built out of glass reinforced plastic but was re-engineered to be made of injection moulded polypropylene which was much more damage resistant and proved immensely popular in sailing schools in the UK and Ireland. At one point in the boats lifetime the Topper was the largest injection moulded mass production plastic component in the world. At 11′ the Topper is designed to be car “toppable” and the mast splits into two sections, allowing the spars (mast and boom) to be stored and transported.

The Topper Dinghy is sailed regularly by our 11-14 years beginner groups. Our fleet consists of over 80 Topper Dinghies.



We have a wide variety of craft available for teaching on all our courses.  From our most basic small yaks to the flagship of the fleet all craft are perfectly suited to teach every level from novices on their first day powerboating to the advanced driver going to sea in rougher weather.


Rash, the flagship of our fleet is a 9 metre boat built by Stingray Marine in South Africa to our exacting specifications. Including features such as a fully equipped Garmin electronics package, 13 person liferaft, stainless steel keel strip, 13 demountable jockey seats and twin Suzki 200hp outboard motors. Rash is certainly one of the highest specification RIBs in Dun Laoghaire and is fully licensed to P3 and P6 standards by the Department of the Marine. Rash is capable of speeds over 50 knots.

Rash is used for powerboat excursions, film and television and on our Advanced Powerboat Course.


STING is a 6.5 metre boat built by Stingray Marine in South Africa.  Sting was built from new to the exact specifications of the Irish National Powerboat School, she is fully equipped to P3 and P6 standards as required by the Irish Department of the Marine.  Fully equipped with a Garmin electronics package and a Suzuki 175hp outboard motor, Sting is capable of speeds of up to 42kts.

Ribtec 1&2

Our two smaller Ribtecs are the workhorse of the Irish National Sailing & Powerboat School, at 4.5 metres they are not the biggest boats in the world but they are ideal for introducing students to console controlled boats.  Both our Ribtecs are equipped with Yamaha 40hp engines that have proven to be the most reliable engines enduring tough work every day since their purchase.

Fjordstar 4.5m

Latvian built Fjordstars are sound, comfortable and spacious RIBs. Our 4.0m Fjordstar is equipped with a 40hp Selva Marine Engine and is used alongside the Ribtecs to introduce students to the console driven boats. Our 4.5m Fjordstar was new to the fleet in 2018, and will soon be joined by a larger 7m boat, expected to arrive in Spring 2019.


The Irish National Sailing School uses these small plastic boats as their main safety boat fleet.  On the National Powerboat Course, we use these boats to practise tiller arm manoeuvres and introduce novice drivers to power boating for the first time for a short period of the first day.  Equipped with a Yamaha 15hp engine, these boats are fast and nimble, perfect for sailing safety boat activities. Our fleet of Yaks numbers over 15 boats.


star rating  Firstly, Jess (our instructor) was amazing! I was a bit nervous starting this course as I didn't know what to expect but Jess made it so easy to understand everything... read more

September 12, 2022

star rating  I would recommend anyone looking to improve their skills to attend this course. Excellent facilities, boats and really good instruction. Good craic with the group too. Will definitely do this... read more

avatar thumb kierann
December 5, 2022

star rating  My 12 year old goes to Saturday sailing club after doing summer camp. He’s hooked and absolutely loves it! The instructors are great and very good with the kids -... read more

Gary C
October 8, 2022
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