International Certificate of Competency – Sail (ICC)


Programme: International Certificate of Competency - Sail - Direct Assessment

Cost : €190

We offer direct assessments for the International Certificate of Competency – Sail. These run over the course of a day and take place aboard our yacht. Candidates will be asked to undertake a series of manoeuvres and demonstrate theory to the standard of Day Skipper Practical Level and Theory Level, briefly outlined below;

Practical Assessment:

  • Preparation of a yacht for sea, including obtaining weather forecasts and briefing crew
  • Basic Engine Checks
  • Leaving and returning to a pontoon
  • Handle the yacht in a confined space
  • Mooring
  • Man Overboard Recovery

Theory Assessment: Written Paper

  • Can identify: Day Shapes, Night Lights, Sound Signal (both in good visibility and in fog)
  • International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea
  • Bouyage
  • Navigation and Chartwork, including: Plot a fix, Calculate Course to Steer, Read Latitude, Longitude and bearings, measure distance

The cost for the assessment is €190.

Upon successful completion of the ICC assessment we will issue a signed and stamped ICC application form which you will be able to apply to Irish Sailing to issue you the ICC. Their application fee is €106, payable to Irish Sailing.

Read more:  A guide for gaining an ICC

Assessment Dates 2024

Assessments run from 9.30am until 5pm, unless stated.

  • Assessment 1: Thursday 21st March
  • Assessment 2: Thursday 11th April
  • Assessment 3: Thursday 9th May
  • Assessment 4: Tuesday 4th June
  • Assessment 5: Thursday 20th June
  • Assessment 6: Thursday 4th July
  • Assessment 7: Wednesday 17th July (2.30pm – 9pm)
  • Assessment 8: Thursday 18th July (2.30pm – 9pm)
  • Assessment 9: Thursday 1st August (2.30pm – 9pm)
  • Assessment 10: Thursday 3rd October
  • Assessment 11: Friday 15th October


To give you an idea of what to expect, we’ve provided a brief outline of the expected running order of the day.

  • 9.30am: Meet at Clubhouse, run through format of day
  • 10am-12pm : Written Assessment (this is unlikely to take you the full two hours, once finished, you are free to head out and get a bit of lunch).
  • 12-12.30pm: Break
  • 12.30pm-4.30pm: Practical on-water assessment.
  • 4.40pm-5pm: Debriefing and results

ICC applicants requiring the inland category validated on their certificate must pass the CEVNI test.

What is the ICC?

The International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft (ICC) was established under resolution No. 40 of the Working Party on Inland Water Transport for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. The aim of the ICC is to provide boat owners and people wishing to charter boats with an internationally recognised document certifying their competence to skipper a boat for recreational use. In Ireland, Irish Sailing the national governing body for sailing and powerboating are the issuing authority for ICCs.

Application for the ICC

Assuming successful completion of the assessment we will issue you with an ICC course report form. This is then used as proof of competency when making the application to Irish Sailing. Full details on the application process and fees due are available here.

Gaining Experience and Training for the ICC

This webpage details the ICC Sail Direct Assessment, which is ideal for those with previous experience. For those without the required experience, the below graphic depicts the typical course of training required to reach the standard required for an ICC.

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