Sail Cruise and Race Schedule

Our outings are entirely bespoke, tailored to suit the wishes of the group. Events can be scheduled for any day of the week during daylight hours.

Below is an outline of what your outing can entail


Arrive at the Clubhouse the group will relax and enjoy the surroundings. The event coordinator will give a briefing about our setup, the boats, the facilities, and introduce our instructional staff (skipper).


Clients are assigned into groups of five and are handed over to their skipper. The skipper then will sort out clients with gear: waterproof jacket, chest high waterproof trousers and lifejacket.


Clients make their way to the J80 keelboats.


Skipper runs over the various parts of the boat to familiarise clients. Clients assist skipper in rigging the boat, plenty of teamwork necessary to get the sails up on the 25ft high mast!


Departure! The skipper will helm (steer) the boat away from the mooring and head towards Dun Laoghaire’s outer harbour. Clients will be controlling the main sail and jib (front sail) while the skipper talks them through why and how to do things / make changes to sails etc. whilst afloat. Skipper will helm for 10 / 15 minutes, talking through how to turn, where to sit, how to move around the boat whilst afloat etc.


By now everyone will have found their sea legs! The skipper has spent the last 30 minutes getting the clients acquainted with the boat. They are now familiar with turning, setting the sails and rope work. The skipper now hands the helm over to the clients. They are coached along by the skipper as they helm. Skipper sits beside the client while he/she helms. Major teamwork is required from the new sailors to make the boat move.


Each boat is making its way to our destination for the evening – depending on weather and tide it could be Sandycove, Dalkey, Poolbeg or the ship anchorage in Dublin Bay.


Arrive at destination. If it’s Dalkey Island we’ll sail around the island, see the local seal population and pop our noses around into Killiney Bay where Jim Sheridan, Bono, Pat Kenny and Neil Jordan all have their homes nestled on the waterfront.


Race time! The fleet will assemble on the start line we’ve set as we prepare to race all the way back to Dun Laoghaire. This really raised the competitive spirit. Things become that little bit more intense as the teamwork of each boat is tested. This is yacht racing, Dublin Bay style!


Arrive at the finish line – Winner receives all the plaudits!!


Arrive at moorings or pontoon. De-rig boats.


Food is served to quench the hunger! A drink from the bar in the Purty Kitchen, Dun Laoghaire’s best Gastro Pub, is a perfect way to end the day! Please see what our event partners can do to add Food Options to you day.


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