Anchoring a boat can be used both routinely to take a break, have a picnic of even row ashore in a small tender to explore, but equally in an emergency situation to stop a boat drifting. For this reason, anchor lines should always be attached to the anchor and the other end secured to the boat, and never coiled. Instead they can be laid down carefully so as to be deployed quickly.

Check out our anchoring lessons here.

Glyn Williams details the considerations for anchoring dinghies and keelboats.

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This section is designed to give the considerations for the RYA Seamanship Course delivered to both the adult sailing scheme and the Youth Sailing Scheme. Enjoy!

Please see attached the study notes for dinghy and keelboat sailors.

Note for Kids doing the Seamanship Course…

Students of the RYA Seamanship Course on the Youth Sailing Scheme should understand and be able to explain all of the details contained in the notes.

They’ll also need to demonstrate this on the course, which at the school could take the form of anchoring in Dun Laoghaire Harbour’s training area. Instructors will provide additional coaching on how to prevent the dinghy beginning to sail while waiting for the anchor to set.

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