Birthday Party – A mum’s view of the day

We were delighted to welcome an 8 year old’s Birthday Party to the Irish National Sailing & Powerboat School. Mum Sarah put together a write up of the day for parents wondering what’s involved and how the 3 hour events operate.


This Kayaking Birthday party certainly surpassed and outdid all other previous birthday parties!!

This was an outdoors, action packed, wonderful experience that most of my son’s little buddies had never done before.  From start to finish as they entered the INSS building at “drop off” they were swept along by the buzz, hilarity and new adventure ahead of them!

Needless to say any worries or fears of their parents evaporated, as their children were immediately taken ‘under the wing’ by the enthusiastic, young and professional team of instructors, of which there were two to the group. Non swimmers were completely safe, by the token that they wore buoyancy aids and they were also kayaking in the very sheltered inner harbour, where the water was calm and shallow enough.

The Weather was never an issue, despite there being dire weather predicted, we had chosen the 11am to 2 pm slot, based on the hope that the weather might have been a little better earlier on! We did seem to get a lucky break in the appalling weather!  Its worth noting that this activity can take place in all weathers, and pretty much all of the year, as the children are only out on the water for an hour within the three hour slot, and they are likely going to get wet anyway!

There was capacity for one adult in each of the two instructors’ boats, which was great as I got to go and keep company the only girl in the party! I was also able to encourage anyone else who might have felt apprehensive.

The ‘icing on the cake’ (excuse the pun) was to get to take the best action photos, of course with the permission of parents (who will had filled in their consent forms), which I could then share amongst our group, so they could all see the fun.

All in all this was the most unique of birthday parties.  From the minute they lined up outside the building for the instructor’s  boat, to jumping onto the pontoon,  and into the two man kayaks!  They got to choose who they wanted to be with in the kayak, so it was either a sedate pace, with not too many splashes, or a more robust, with a full on partner!  Jumping into the sea at the end of the proceedings was encouraged, for which they whole heartedly embraced, if not before, as some of them seemed to prefer to swim along the kayaks instead of being in one! Finally we put in a race from the old wreck Stella back to the instructors boat, which not only focused them all and fired those who were a little competitive, but left Mum desperately seeking change off her hubby as a prize for the winner!

I can safely say that this was the most exciting and truly memorable 8th birthday party ever! Thank you, thank you INSS!!!!

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